Online vs physical classes amid the Covid-19 Outbreak

I feel like having classes on campus or in the physical setting has its own set of pros and cons, it could be much better than just staying at home. On campus, if you see the professor every day, you can easily ask questions when you do see each other, rather than wait ages to respond via email,Continue reading “Online vs physical classes amid the Covid-19 Outbreak”

Covid-19 and news coverage

I simply hope that the COVID 19 and its effects will pass quickly, especially if things will get worse before they get better. I feel that the U.S may have possibly underestimated the virus or simply didn’t take it that seriously in the beginning. As of right now, each time my family turns on the news,Continue reading “Covid-19 and news coverage”

What news topics I think are oversaturated or poorly covered…

Poorly covered: Lately I’ve stumbled upon some news about a locust outbreak in Africa and possibly other countries. I wouldn’t have known about this event if I hadn’t stumbled upon a video online by chance. I feel like topics like these should get more attention, especially if it is far-reaching and serious. Oversaturated: As ofContinue reading “What news topics I think are oversaturated or poorly covered…”

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