Southern States Plan to Reopen Amid the Pandemic

Amid the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown, at least three Southern states are pushing to reopen their economies. Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee have released plans to open some non-essential businesses as soon as Tuesday, April 21. “We believe that we can do this if compliance remains at the high level that it has been, we canContinue reading “Southern States Plan to Reopen Amid the Pandemic”

Tandem Language Exchange

With the language exchange service Tandem, anyone around the world can connect with native speakers of their target language within minutes. Whether it’s on the app or website, with Tandem, anyone with a phone, computer, tablet, or other devices that can connect to the internet can sign up for this free service. “If you’re readyContinue reading “Tandem Language Exchange”

Personality Profile of a Classmate

TyZhane Joy Babineaux is currently a student at the university with big dreams of fame, opening a dance studio, and success. “I would already want to have beautiful popular music out, fans, a TV and radio show,” Babineaux said. Aside from the wish of being the “IT” girl, she hopes to be a role modelContinue reading “Personality Profile of a Classmate”

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