Covid-19 and news coverage

I simply hope that the COVID 19 and its effects will pass quickly, especially if things will get worse before they get better. I feel that the U.S may have possibly underestimated the virus or simply didn’t take it that seriously in the beginning. As of right now, each time my family turns on the news, there always seem to be a segment about Covid 19 updates and anything related to it, which would be good especially if the virus is present all across the nation and could threaten the people and the country as we know it. However, I do not appreciate wild articles or news segments that only exist to spread fear and misinformation regarding the pandemic, such as articles emphasizing ‘news’ such as “all hope is lost” or false statistics. One good news coverage could be an article that recently came out explaining that the G20 plans to unite against the covid 19 by helping to stimulate the global economy. Another one of bad coverage could possibly be an article that gave attention to a woman who intentionally coughed over the produce, baked goods, and food within a supermarket. If certain people saw this, it may inspire some people to adopt this ‘trend’ or behavior for whatever reason. 

As far as I know, the main complaints seem to be about fear-mongering and misinformation. Within the media, it feels like the more important points tend to be covered sooner or more quickly, but with press releases, there would be some delay. However, with the latter, the stories or segments would be lengthier. When it comes to misinformation, the best way to combat this would simply be the truth. Even if it would cause panic, spread hope, or whatever consequences, the truth is the best way to avoid misinformation. Aside from that, ensuring that the information or sources the media or news outlets rely on are correct and credible can go a long way too. 

Published by Ambour Leal

My name is Ambour Leal and I am currently a communication journalism major at Lamar University. I'm 19 years old, from a small town in Texas, and I do like the art of storytelling and photography.

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