Tandem Language Exchange

With the language exchange service Tandem, anyone around the world can connect with native speakers of their target language within minutes.

Whether it’s on the app or website, with Tandem, anyone with a phone, computer, tablet, or other devices that can connect to the internet can sign up for this free service.

“If you’re ready to move onto the next level with your language and want to speak to a native, then Tandem is worth checking out,” Digital Trends, an independent tech company that reviewed on Tandem, said.

After signing up, users can customize their own profile, which includes the option to select what languages they may wish to learn more about. Tandem can connect users to native speakers of French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and more.

“It’s my best experience. Tandem is kind of boosting my passion for learning language,” Peiheng Song, an international student who is also a Tandem member, said.

For whatever reason the user decides to try Tandem, the service can promote friendship, social interaction, mutual intercultural relations, and of course, language exchange.

“The important thing I learned from this app is to respect everyone who chat with you,” Yang Jing Kang, a fellow Tandem member, said.

Although a subscription is not necessary to use the app, the free version of the app is limited, but not to the extent that the app is utterly unusable. Among the losses that are tied to not having the subscription are a limit in the number of free translations and the ability to see which members visited the user’s profile.

Tandem members can now answer daily polls, find online tutors, and search for other members seamlessly through the use of Tandem IDs. Once two members have chatted long enough, they are given a prompt to leave a reference for each other that other members of the community can see.

“Tandem is onto something. It certainly feels like a pretty charming language practice community, with lots of polite and enthusiastic comments left on people’s profiles as user reviews,” TechCrunch, another tech company which had reviewed Tandem, said.

Published by Ambour Leal

My name is Ambour Leal and I am currently a communication journalism major at Lamar University. I'm 19 years old, from a small town in Texas, and I do like the art of storytelling and photography.

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