Southern States Plan to Reopen Amid the Pandemic

Amid the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown, at least three Southern states are pushing to reopen their economies.

Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee have released plans to open some non-essential businesses as soon as Tuesday, April 21.

“We believe that we can do this if compliance remains at the high level that it has been, we can do this without endangering the population,” South Carolina’s Gov. Henry McMaster said.

As of April, in South Carolina, there are at least 4,000 people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and at least 124 have died. Although South Carolina appears to be on a downward trajectory of coronavirus cases, it is still uncertain whether the trend will continue to meet a consistent 14-day downward trajectory period.

Stores and businesses that do reopen, however, must follow social distancing recommendations as well as other guidelines issued by the White House if they are to gradually reopen their economies. Although these guidelines were released, they are merely recommendations and not requirements. Any state that chooses not to adhere to the proposed recommendations to reopen their economy will not be held liable for opting out.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, other non-essential businesses such as gyms, barbers, nail salons, and tattoo parlors may be set to open as soon as this Friday.

Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Gov. said that new COVID-19 cases have appeared to have flattened.

In Georgia, as of April 6, there were at least 811 cases that tested positive for COVID-19 and the number of confirmed cases reportedly decreased until April 14 when there were at least 779.

In Tennessee, the number of reported cases decreased after April 1, but on April 17 there was a spike upward in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Tennessee’s governor, Bill Lee announced that he would not extend stay at home orders past April 30. Lee said that the rising rate of cases was only in single-digit increases which is very encouraging.

Published by Ambour Leal

My name is Ambour Leal and I am currently a communication journalism major at Lamar University. I'm 19 years old, from a small town in Texas, and I do like the art of storytelling and photography.

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